Welcome to Geriatric Society Of India

We are in the middle of 2016 and are in full swing with our activities, by a team headed by Dr. S. N. Gaur – Professor of respiratory medicine; also Director of VP Chest Institute, Delhi.

This year many of our members got the invite from abroad for guest lectures as well as participation in international conferences. to a mention a few Dr. O. P. Sharma got an invite

at John Hopkins, Baltimore, USA; Dr. Anand P. Ambali at Scotland.

The Mid-Term conference at Vijayapura made a history with its Scientific Program; participants almost at par like a national conference.

This year we did a major activity in April 2016 on Influenza by celebrating Influenza Day, jointly with Influenza Foundation of India; APACI.

The National Conference this year is at a prestigious chest institute in Delhi; we hope to have a memorable event. We are also bringing out special issue of Indian Journal of Geriatric Care at the time of conference as we did during Mid- Term Conference at Vijayapura.

We are also planning to organize an Influenza Summit in February 2017 jointly with International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations, APACI,

Influenza Foundation of India & other medical associations.

The Government of India is also increasing its activities in the field of Geriatric Care.

Friends lets join hands & work more for Geriatrics in India.



Dr. O. P. Sharma
General Secretary
Org. Secretary Vaccine Advocacy in South East Asia